develop a self-care practice with the branches of yoga

To celebrate the International Day of Yoga 2022, we present the different branches of yoga and their impact on our health via a selection of our health articles, as well as the work of researchers specialized in the scientific understanding of the health benefits of yoga. . yoga and its associated practices. Expert Commentary Although … Read more

Transgender students are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders and mental health issues

Transgender people are more likely to experience discrimination, isolation and a lack of social support. This, along with negative psychosocial challenges, such as being denied access to gender-neutral restrooms, combined with being a student, and you have what associate professor of neurology Shelley Hershner MD calls “a storm perfect” which can contribute to sleep disorders … Read more

Patients seek mental health care from their doctor, but find health plans that prevent them

When a longtime patient visited Dr. William Sawyer’s office after recovering from covid, the conversation quickly turned from coronavirus to anxiety and ADHD. Sawyer — who ran a family practice in the Cincinnati area for more than three decades — said he spent 30 minutes asking about the patient’s exercise and sleep habits, counseling him … Read more

Free online program highlights new medical devices and technologies to advance healthcare innovations

Six new products aimed at improving the quality of healthcare will take center stage at an event in June for life science innovators and investors reshaping the industry. The Big Company/Little Company Showcase on Thursday, June 16, from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., will be a free online program highlighting new medical devices and technologies. … Read more