Robinhood’s Crypto Unit Fined $30 Million by Top New York Financial Regulator

The New York State Department of Financial Services has fined online brokerage Robinhood Markets Inc.’s cryptocurrency trading unit $30 million for alleged violations of anti-money laundering regulations. money and cybersecurity, as part of the department’s first crypto enforcement action. Newsletter Sign-Up WSJ | Risk and Compliance Journal Our Morning Risk Report features insights and news … Read more

Zero-COVID, big money: China’s anti-virus spending boosts medicine, tech and construction

BEIJING, May 30 (Reuters) – China’s “zero-COVID” policy of constantly monitoring, testing and isolating its citizens to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has hit much of the country’s economy, but it has created growth bubbles in the medical, technology and construction sectors. The Chinese government, alone among major countries to have pledged to eradicate … Read more

New York Federal Officials Seek Public Input on Crypto Regulation

NEW YORK—Senior officials from the U.S. Treasury Department, Department of Commerce, and New York State Department of Financial Services have said that when it comes to the digital asset industry, the involvement of the private sector is crucial, not only for its technological advancement, but also to ensure that it is not used for malicious … Read more