Robinhood’s Crypto Unit Fined $30 Million by Top New York Financial Regulator

The New York State Department of Financial Services has fined online brokerage Robinhood Markets Inc.’s cryptocurrency trading unit $30 million for alleged violations of anti-money laundering regulations. money and cybersecurity, as part of the department’s first crypto enforcement action. Newsletter Sign-Up WSJ | Risk and Compliance Journal Our Morning Risk Report features insights and news … Read more

Memory Health CEO Shares His Approach to Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease

As part of his company’s efforts to develop a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, Memory Health CEO Edward Shehab believes that prevention is the best approach. Shehab spoke about the company’s strategy to develop treatments for neurodegenerative diseases and the company’s outlook, in response to emailed questions. Why did you start this business?I saw a lifetime … Read more

How Boston Medical Center’s Health Equity Accelerator Accelerates Clinical Improvements

When people hear of a healthcare accelerator, they usually think of an incubator program where digital healthcare companies receive investment to strengthen their technology. This is not the case for Boston Medical Centerit is Health Equity Accelerator. After being inundated with data on racial health disparities that continue to disproportionately affect black and brown patients … Read more

Asset management chiefs reflect on the four-day week

Senior executives at some of the UK’s biggest fund companies are keen to move to a four-day working week as financial services companies continue to tear up regulations after the Covid pandemic. A survey of 200 senior asset management executives by professional services firm Accenture found 76% would favor working fewer days a week as … Read more

Chris Booker explains how Frist Cressey Ventures decided to partner with healthcare companies

Chris Booker, partner at Frist Cressey Ventures, explains what factors go into the venture capital firm’s decision to partner with healthcare companies and what role government plays in investing in medical research. Transcription How does Frist Cressey Ventures decide to invest in a certain healthcare company? We are focused on our mission, and our mission … Read more

How UBS is targeting racial equity in finance

Melinda Hightower and Lynette Jefferson, executives at UBS Global Wealth Management, explain how racial stock investing works. Jefferson will speak at Barron’s ESG+ Impact Summit in New York City on June 22. Photograph by Lauren Perlstein Text size Lynette Jefferson and Melinda Hightower, two executives from UBS Global Wealth Management, come to the same goal … Read more

I found out that a financial advisor can cost $5,000 a year. Is it worth it?

What could a financial planner charge you and is it worth it? Getty Images/iStockphoto A reader wrote to us the other day to make a good point: she wanted us to give people a deeper insight into what a financial advisor might really cost them. Here’s his email, and below we take a look at … Read more

CGI (GIB) acquires Harwell to expand its financial services unit – June 1, 2022

Computer graphicsit is (GIB quick quoteGIB – Free Report), a subsidiary of CGI France SAS, has finalized the acquisition of Harwell Management to develop its financial services segment. Based in France, Harwell Management is a management consulting firm with approximately 150 employees who will join CGI’s Business Consulting unit in France. The CGI Business Consulting … Read more

Financial Advisor Glossary: ​​Terms You Need to Know When Shopping for an Advisor

CFA. Trustee. RIA. These terms are not exactly self-explanatory. But when it comes to finding a financial advisor, you’ll be better equipped if you know the industry jargon and what’s behind a slew of acronyms. So we’ve put together a handy glossary of fundamental financial advisor terminology and definitions that will help you master the … Read more

Credit Bureaus Remove Medical Debt, But Hospitals Can Prevent It

The three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion – have a great influence on the financial well-being of millions of Americans. For the many people in our country who are burdened with medical debt, the bureaus plan to remove nearly 70% of that debt from consumer credit reports. Further illustrating just how serious … Read more