UC San Diego welcomes new cohort of medical students in annual white coat ceremony

The UC San Diego School of Medicine welcomes the Class of 2026 during the White Coat Ceremony on September 2. Photos by Erik Jepsen/University Communications.

The University of California San Diego School of Medicine welcomed the Class of 2026 at its White Coat Ceremony on Friday, September 2, 2022. An annual tradition, the event marks the start of the medical education journey for freshmen year when they receive the white coat that will be worn throughout their medical training.

“The white coat is one of the most enduring and important symbols of our profession,” said Michelle Daniel, MD, MHPE, associate dean of medical education. “For our incoming students, this represents the culmination of so many hopes and dreams, and the struggle it took to get here. In medicine, it represents the virtues and excellence expected of a physician.

Throughout the event, faculty from the School of Medicine exchanged words of wisdom and encouragement with new medical students.

“Excitement, doubts, fears, anxieties — I’m sure you have some or all of these feelings. It’s normal,” said Steven Garfin, MD, acting vice chancellor of health sciences and acting dean of the School of Medicine.” This is the beginning of your new quest to understand, learn, and become experts in medicine. We welcome you here – with open arms – putting on a white doctor’s coat to get you started.

There are many reasons to attend medical school, but for many students, the pursuit of medicine is fueled by a desire to make the world a better place.

“I spent much of my teenage years living in a developing country and saw firsthand the effects of social inequality on health,” said freshman Avelina Brener. “After retiring from a career in the performing arts, I wanted something that would allow me to continue exploring my fascination with the human body. Medicine proved to be the perfect way to explore my curiosity. endless while providing a way to correct some of the imbalances in our society.

New medical students at UC San Diego celebrate receiving their white coats.

New medical students at UC San Diego celebrate receiving their white coats.

Brener, a 2021 UC San Diego graduate, decided to pursue her studies at the university because of its vibrant community.

“The campus is one of the most diverse places in San Diego, full of brilliant people and all so welcoming. I chose to come here for medical school because the community feels so supportive,” a- she declared.

As a top medical school, UC San Diego attracts some of the best and brightest medical students, and this year is no exception. The School of Medicine has enrolled 140 students in the class of 2026. Seventy-six percent of the class are California residents, 24 percent identify as underrepresented medical students, and 16 percent are college students. first generation. The class pursued a wide range of undergraduate majors, including traditional sciences, public health, music performance, romance languages, economics, and anthropology.

humanism in medicine

The white coat ceremony also honored fourth-year students, trainees, and faculty for their continued excellence in promoting humanism in medicine.

Amy Sitapati, MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, received the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award from the Arthur P. Gold Foundation. Awarded annually to a faculty member of the School of Medicine who best exemplifies humanism in medicine, the recipient of this award is nominated by medical students and faculty, then selected by a committee of member peers of the faculty. Sitapati’s nomination cited his approachability, professional enthusiasm, respect for others, cultural humility, communication skills as well as his dedication to self-reflection and personal improvement.

“Her abilities as an astute and intuitive clinician engender both trust and confidence in her patients. His competence, professionalism and ethical standards are of the highest standard.

New medical students recite the Hippocratic Oath together for the first time.

New medical students recite the Hippocratic Oath together for the first time.

Additionally, fourth-year residents and medical students were inducted into the Gold Humanism Honor Society, a national organization that recognizes medical students, residents, and physicians who demonstrate exemplary behavior that promotes of humanism in medicine. This year’s inductees included:

Fourth year students

Jordan Anderson, Theresa Asuquo, Heidi Marie Banh, Andrew Chang, Claire Conklin, Erin Coonahan, Nick Cumpian, Joe Di Pane, Chance Dunbar, Kevin Gilbert, Mihiri Karunaratne, Austin Leonard, Melinda Lyall, Sid Machiraju, Chelsea Maduike, Daniella McDonald, Eric Miller, Haley Moss, Megan Musilli, John Matthew Perry, Nyah Rodman, David Rosas, Kiley Rucker, Shady Soliman, Alec Terrana, Lauren Tronick, Edgar Vega, Shelby Warren and Vanessa Yu.


Zachary Hodosevich, MD, PGY-3, Department of Neurology; Michelle Keyser, MD, PGY-4, Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics; Jessica Kriksciun, MD, PGY-3, Department of Psychiatry; Steve Niemiec, MD, PGY-4, Department of Surgery; Kellie Schueler, MD, PGY-2 Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Sciences and Ian P. Simpson-Shelton, MD, PGY-3, Department of Medicine.

As life members of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, new members of the society will actively participate in building a community and culture of humanism at UC San Diego through activities such as the clinical mentorship, sharing stories in medicine and service in the community.

This year’s white coat ceremony can be viewed on YouTube.

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