Ribbon cutting held at the new Angel Medical Center in Franklin

Community members and elected officials, along with hospital staff and leaders, gathered this morning for the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new $68 million Angel Medical Center in Franklin, North Carolina. The new hospital, at 124 One Center Court, Franklin, is due to open at 6am on Sunday, September 18.

“On behalf of Mission Health and HCA Healthcare, I want to thank everyone for the countless hours that have gone into making the new Angel Medical Center project a reality. We are proud to be here to celebrate a true investment in rural and community health care in Franklin,” said Greg Lowe, president of HCA Healthcare’s North Carolina division.

The new 82,500 square foot hospital builds on HCA Healthcare’s commitment to the City of Franklin and continues current clinical offerings while enhancing and expanding additional services based on future community needs.

“As you look around our region and across our country, you will see areas where communities are suffering due to the lack of adequate medical facilities. Here at Franklin, we are very fortunate and extremely grateful to our Board of Directors at Angel Medical Center and Mission Health for their foresight in making this incredible investment in our community. I honestly can’t think of anywhere else comparable to Franklin that can boast a new 82,500 square foot hospital with an investment of over $73 million,” said Franklin Mayor Tom Horton. .

During the ceremony, Blue Jazz and Delphine Kirkland performed the national anthem as the American flag was raised for the first time at the new Angel Medical Center.

The new hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare facility offering the latest clinical services and incorporating the latest wireless technology available. Within our new establishment are:

  • 3 operating theaters
  • An endoscopy room
  • And a 17-bed emergency department

The new rooms have been designed with patient comfort in mind. The new establishment will have a hospitalization capacity of 30 beds with:

  • 5 beds adaptable according to acuity
  • 20 medical surgery beds
  • And 5 observation beds

As Angel Medical Center prepares to open the doors to this new facility, they also look forward to kicking off work on a helipad for MAMA here at Angel Medical Center – a $4.6 million investment allowing the center to better meet the needs of the community. Construction of the helipad will begin this fall and work is expected to be completed in early 2023. The new helipad will house both the MAMA crew and the MAMA 2 helicopter.

“Today marks an important milestone in HCA Healthcare and Mission Health’s commitment to healthcare services in Western North Carolina. The construction of our new Angel Medical Center builds on and supports the vision for health care in our region. Our new facility also allows us to continue to provide compassionate care to patients who have been associated with our hospital, but are now doing so in an environment that offers the very latest in advanced medical care in a beautiful healing environment for years to come,” said Clint Kendall, CEO of Angel Medical Center.

To learn more about Angel Medical Center’s 100-year history, click here.

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