Response to Atlanta Medical Center Closure

Editor’s Note: The following message was sent to the Woodruff Health Sciences Center community by David S. Stephens, Emory University Acting Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, and Dane C. Peterson, CEO Acting President and COO for Emory Healthcare.

Dear Woodruff Health Sciences Center Community:

You’ve probably seen the news that Wellstar Health System is closing Atlanta Medical Center (AMC) effective November 1. , and other public health issues – is likely to have ripple effects across the state.

While we anticipate broad impacts across the entire Metro Atlanta healthcare landscape, Grady Healthcare and Emory Healthcare will be the hardest hit. Without appropriate intervention, this could lead to unacceptable consequences on the quality of care, outcomes, experiences and wait times of our patients.

This morning, Governor Brian Kemp announced additional financial support for Grady as a long-term solution – it’s the first step in meeting our region’s healthcare needs. During the extended time it will take Grady to undertake this expansion, we will join Grady, local and state leaders, and other regional health systems in meeting the health needs of the city and state.

As we have for over a century, Emory is proud of its strong partnership with Grady. Emory faculty at the Grady-based Emory University School of Medicine foster clinical excellence, innovative research, and progressive medical education, which benefits everyone in the state and region. Our institutions will continue to support each other to provide lifesaving care to the thousands of patients treated at Grady each year and to train the next generation of physicians.

As we move forward, the continued support of local government and the state will be essential to ensure that our community continues to have access to quality care. To that end, Emory Healthcare is actively working with elected officials and regional health officials to formulate additional solutions that will meet the long- and short-term needs of our community and our healthcare systems. Leveraging the resources and expertise of multiple systems, leaders, and agencies is key to ensuring our solutions are integrated, holistic, and forward-looking.

In the meantime, we are, as always, deeply grateful to our team members who work so hard to deliver on our promise to improve lives and bring hope to all who look to us for help. assistance. As we continue to navigate this complex and evolving situation, we remain committed to the care and support of all of our patients and all of you as well.


David S. Stephens, MD
Acting Executive Vice President for Health Affairs
Emory University

Dane C. Peterson
Interim CEO and President and Chief Operating Officer
Emory Health

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