Ochsner Health is the first hospital system to commit to bringing Ukrainian nurses to the United States

This week, CGFNS International, Inc. (CGFNS) publicly announced its “Passport2Liberty” initiative which will restore the credentials of Ukrainian nurses who wish to emigrate to the United States. Recognizing that special consideration must be given to those forced to flee their country to escape war, persecution or natural disaster, the CGFNS will leverage its expertise in credential assessment, partnerships and its state-of-the-art global educational database to reconstruct Ukrainian documentation. nurses must practice in the United States.

Ochsner Health, an integrated health system with 40 hospitals and more than 300 health and urgent care centers across Louisiana, Mississippi and the southern Gulf, is a founding partner and the first U.S. hospital system to join engage in the initiative. For the pilot phase, Ochsner will provide employment for eight Ukrainian nurses and help their families settle into their new communities. Nurses will be engaged with Ochsner for a minimum of two years.

“I am so proud of our creative and empathetic nursing teams at Ochsner Health, who saw the need to help fellow Ukrainian nurses and shared with management this idea to participate,” said Warner Thomas, President and CEO. management of Ochsner Health. “Not only will this program be part of our international RN recruitment strategy, it’s the right thing to do.”

The American Hospital Association (AHA) and the American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) facilitate partnerships with health care systems and work with State Boards of Nursing. Ochsner and the Catholic Health Association of the United States will participate in the pilot project. Global Nurse Partners, a nurse placement agency specializing in international recruitment, will help and support nurses in their transition and adjustment to the United States

“The CGFNS created the Passport2Liberty initiative to address the challenges faced by Ukrainian nurses in this time of crisis. It is grounded in the belief and commitment that safe, orderly and regular migration is a human right, and that the global community has a responsibility to ensure that refugees in all situations are properly supported and empowered,” he said. said CGFNS President and CEO Dr. Franklin A. Shaffer.

Ochsner plans to welcome the first eight nurses to the program in the fall of 2022. Further information, including where each nurse will work, will be announced once new team members are identified.

“It is our great honor at Ochsner Health to play a small role in the recovery journey of these Ukrainian families,” said Tracey Schiro, Ochsner’s executive vice president of risk and human resources. “We are committed to providing our Ukrainian nurses with a safe place to live and work; we offer the benefit of a loving and supportive employee culture to help these nurses adapt and acclimate to their new environment. We are grateful for their expertise and look forward to the exchange of ideas and how we will all learn and grow together.”

“I am grateful that we are able to sponsor Ukrainian nurses and hope they can heal and find joy in their work here at Ochsner,” said Tracey Moffatt, the system’s chief nursing officer. “Nurses have a legacy of bravery. and strength in the toughest times, starting with Florence Nightingale who brought in nurses to help soldiers during the Crimean War. We welcome these brave nurses and their families to our community.

Ukrainian refugee nurses should visit Passport2Liberty.org and complete the general information form for personalized information on accommodation policies for their specific cases.

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