Lead Exposure in New York Children Addressed by Elmira Medical Students

Lincoln Malloy clearly didn’t want to be there.

Lincoln, 5, grimaced as his father Steven held him still while Valerie Fiore, a medical student at Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) in Elmira, prepared him for a blood test.

Lincoln was at the Chemung and Schuyler Counties Economic Opportunity Program office on May 19 to participate in a free lead screening, and Steven Malloy is glad such a program is available.

“I live in an (older) house where lead paint was used at that time,” said Malloy, who lives in Horseheads. “It’s very important. We’re in a high-lead area.”

Elmira’s lead exposure is a troublesome problem

Health officials have known for several years that Elmira is a hotspot for lead exposure primarily due to its aging housing stock, with many homes built before 1978, when lead-based paint was banned in residential properties.

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