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INDIANA, Pennsylvania — Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Indiana Regional Medical Center (IRMC) will celebrate National Rural Health Day on Nov. 17 with the launch of a podcast, “Rural Health Pulse.”

The podcast, which will be available for free on the IRMC website, will feature monthly episodes. It includes professionals from IRMC and IUP and is recorded by students from IUP’s Department of Communication Media under the direction of Communications faculty member Dr. Mark Piwinsky. It is produced by Christina Koren, IUP’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. Dr. Jim Kinneer, Director of Human Resources at IRMC, will serve as the “host” of the broadcasts.

The podcasts are part of an ongoing collaboration between IUP and IRMC on the topic of rural health care, focusing on issues and stories impacting the region’s health and programs and initiatives designed to improve health care and well-being.

“The podcast episodes cover a range of initiatives focused on advancing rural health care,” Dr. Kinneer said. “The interviews are designed to help shine a light on these important efforts and vital contributors. It has been inspiring to hear firsthand about these efforts while strengthening our ongoing partnership with the IUP,” he said.

“Our goals in creating this podcast are to highlight what our two institutions IUP and IRMC are doing together to advance rural and public health for the benefit of our community, our students and the region,” said the vice- chair for academic advancement Khatmeh Osseiran-Hanna.

“This is the mission of the collaboration between IUP and IRMC as we build on joint opportunities in education, research, clinical and health care. Podcasts are an exciting way to listen, explore and engage in conversations that will spark interest and action in our listeners, increasing interest in healthcare developments and partnerships. rural health.

The first episode of the series will feature IRMC Family Physician Dr. Amanda Vaglia discussing the IRMC residency program. This episode will be available on November 17; upcoming episodes and topics and guests are:

• Dr. Narayanaswamy Bharathan, Director of IUP’s Department of Biology, and Jackie Sansig, Director of Laboratory and Respiratory Services, IRMC, describing the unique collaboration and partnership in COVID-19 testing (December)

• Dr. Rick Adkins, Professor of Mathematics at IUP, discusses the Collaborative Wastewater Research Project and analysis of COVID-19 (January)

• Dr. Dan Clark, IRMC Director, Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery; director, IRMC Comprehensive Breast Center, discussing robotics in surgery (February)

• An introduction to IRMC residents (March)

• Dr. Dan Clark, IRMC Director, Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery; director, IRMC Comprehensive Breast Center, discussing breast cancer (April)

• Dr. Steve Hovan, Acting Dean, IUP John J. and Char Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, discussing IUP’s Kopchick Hall, future home of Kopchick College (May)

• Wendy Haislip, IRMC Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer, Pennsylvania Rural Health Model and Workforce Challenges (June)

• Erin Clark, Clinic Director at IUP’s Speech and Hearing Clinic and Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Disorders, Special Education and Disability Services at IUP, discusses of the clinic’s community outreach (July)

• Katie Donald, Marketing and Public Relations Specialist at Punxsutawey Area Hospital, discussing rural healthcare models and challenges (August)

In April 2022, the IUP hosted the first IUP-IRMC Day as part of the university’s Research Appreciation Week.

The event at IUP allowed professionals from IUP and IRMC and the surrounding community to network, learn from each other and identify more opportunities to work together. The event included a keynote address by Dr. Randall Longenecker, a renowned rural health expert; discussion of IRMC partnerships, including nursing, laboratory research, food and nutrition, and COVID-19 wastewater research; and student networking sessions.


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