Ciox Health is developing a platform for doctors to give patients…

Ciox’s digital EMR connections and retrieval based on additional electronic data services ensure that the Cure Act deadline is met.

Fremont, California: The emergence of telemedicine has transformed the face of the healthcare industry. The future of electronic health records will center on value-based care, and digital technologies have taken center stage. EHR software systems are increasingly used around the world. It has become an essential part of the healthcare ecosystem, with the ability to redefine patient care and enable providers and physicians to deliver quality care more easily through digital technology. Here are the trends that will shape the future.

“Ciox is committed to partnering with healthcare providers to improve the patient experience. Offering digital dissemination of information to facilitate access to medical records is a big part of that commitment,” said Pete McCabe, CEO of Datavant. “Due to data fragmentation, no EMR or digital-only connection can access all of a patient’s data. Ciox combines our technology with a world-class service division, giving us the ability to meet the demands patients who cannot be accommodated through digital connections alone and helping providers ensure compliance with the Cures Act.”

Ciox, a Datavant company, works with health systems to efficiently deliver patient-requested electronic health information (EHI) – a major part of 21st century cure law – as an industry leader in the compliant exchange of medical data. On October 6, 2022, the Cures Act definition of EHI is expanded to cover all EHIs that are or will be in a Specified Record Set (DRS). This broader definition makes it difficult to fulfill requests for patient records.

Ciox has enhanced Patient Obtain, an app for patients to request their data from anywhere, anytime, to help healthcare providers comply with the 21st Century Cures Act by giving patients easier access and faster to their medical records. Patient Request now enables electronic retrieval of patient medical records from EMR systems via application programming interfaces (APIs). APIs deliver a digital patient experience by digitizing request entry, record retrieval, and record distribution, dramatically reducing turnaround times and providing patients with enhanced, remote expertise.

Nearly 600,000 users have used the app to get their medical records in minutes. Turnaround times will be drastically reduced by using APIs for retrieving records.

In response to the closure of medical records offices during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ciox Patient Request was launched in 2020 to provide patients with a contactless method of requesting records. Since then, patients from over 1,000 healthcare provider sites have used the program to obtain their medical information, with 95% of patient users providing good feedback.

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