2022 AMA Interim Meeting: 6 Questions to Watch

Nearly 700 physicians and medical students gather in Honolulu for the 2022 AMA Interim Meeting to review proposals on a wide range of clinical practice, payment, medical education and public health topics. The opening session of the meeting is Saturday and the meeting runs until November 15th.

The AMA House of Delegates will work through a democratic process to create a national consensus of physicians on emerging issues in public health, science, ethics, business and government in order to improve the care and public health of patients and communities. The policies adopted at this meeting will provide direction for the AMA and act as a driving force for the future of American medicine.

WADA delegates will also have the opportunity to engage in educational offerings covering issues such as the long COVID syndrome, how to advance health equity and the impact of misinformation on the treatment of Lyme disease.

Some of the notable issues that will be discussed at the 2022 WADA Interim Meeting include the following:

Check out this full list of policy proposals being considered at the 2022 AMA Interim Meeting.

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Physicians and medical students attending the meeting at the Hawai’i Convention Center in Honolulu also have the opportunity to learn from experts on a variety of topics, including those below.

“Health Equity Open Forum: Achieving Health Equity Through Medical Justice in Advocacy Fellowship and Rise to Health: A National Coalition for Equity in Health Care.” In this two-session open forum hosted by the AMA Center for Health Equity, the first session will provide a brief overview of Rise to Health: A National Coalition for Equity in Health Care, in which delegates will learn about key strategies and concrete professional actions societies and individual physicians can take to advance health equity.

During the second session, members of the inaugural cohort of the Medical Justice in Advocacy Fellowship will present their culminating projects, which encompass physician-led advocacy to advance health equity. Through rotating small group discussions, delegates will explore these projects and identify opportunities to replicate physician-led advocacy in their own contexts. (Saturday, November 12, 2:30-5 p.m. HST, Kalakua Ballroom.)

“Combating misinformation and misconceptions: caring for patients with persistent symptoms attributed to Lyme disease.” Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States and its incidence is expected to increase with climate change. Most cases can be cured with a course of oral antibiotics. However, some patients worry about lingering symptoms they attribute to Lyme disease. Doctors often find it difficult to treat these patients due to the lack of evidence-based advice and patients’ increasing exposure to misinformation.

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WADA Advocacy Efforts

The AMA, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, gathered expert opinions from 25 doctors from various specialties in primary care, neurology, rheumatology, psychiatry and infectious diseases through interviews. and focus groups to inform advice on the assessment and treatment of patients with concerns about persistent symptoms attributed to Lyme disease.

Delegates attending this session will learn about early findings from this study and engage in small group discussions to learn from colleagues and share their own experiences in managing patients, countering misinformation, and evaluating resources that could help doctors treat these patients. (Sunday Nov. 13, 2:30 p.m.-4 p.m., room 317 B.)

Learn more about the WADA Interim Meeting 2022 training sessions.

Highlights of key meeting moments and political actions from the House of Delegates will be posted daily on the WADA website, the WADA Interim Meeting 2022 website and the WADA Facebook page , Instagram and Twitter account using #AMAmtg.

Leaders’ addresses and more will be featured on WADA’s YouTube channel. After the meeting, be sure to follow WADA on LinkedIn for additional updates as well.

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