14 New Endowed Faculty Positions Created to Accelerate Academic Medical Enterprise Progress | Today

George Washington University will dedicate more than $50 million to fund 14 endowed chairs, accelerating the progress of its academic medical enterprise in one of the largest single investments in university history to support the body professorial.

“George Washington University faculty are critical to our mission of education, research, and patient care, and endowed chairs are critical to our recruitment efforts and our ability to pursue that mission,” said the President Mark S. Wrighton. “These chairs are a very important investment in the long-term positive impact our university will have on society.”

The transformative investment in the endowment for the chairs is the result of proceeds from the university’s recent sale of the university’s stake in GW Hospital, which is owned by Universal Health Services, Inc. Wrighton announced the news of the chairs at a Faculty Senate meeting. Friday.

The 14 new chairs will be established in schools across the university and will support a wide range of disciplines. Nine of the endowed chairs will be established in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, one in the School of Public Health at the Milken Institute, one in the School of Nursing, one in Chemistry and one in Biology at Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and one in Biomedical Engineering in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

“Top-notch faculty are an essential part of fulfilling our academic mission to create a high-quality teaching environment, to push the frontiers of knowledge through research and, as we continue to grow our business academic medicine, to provide high quality patient care,” Provost Christopher said Alan Bracey.

Endowed chairs are critical to the mission of higher education because the funding for these positions exists in perpetuity and allows a university to recruit and retain the best professors, researchers, and clinicians for years to come. As the university enters its third century, the chairs add further momentum to the many ongoing efforts to strengthen the university’s teaching, interdisciplinary research initiatives, patient-centered care, and medical enterprise.

“Investing these funds in our academic medical business represents a step forward toward our goal of being DC’s premier healthcare organization,” said Barbara L. Bass, vice president of healthcare affairs, Walter A. Bloedorn. Chair of Administrative Medicine, Dean of SMHS and CEO of GW Medical Faculty Associates. “The recognition of GW Academic Medical Enterprise as a national healthcare destination will be fundamentally based on excellence in clinical performance, but it is renowned faculty who bring transformative clinical expertise, discoveries and innovations that will fuel this hit. These Endowed Chairs demonstrate our commitment to that future.

Bass also underscored the importance of the hard work of SMHS and MFA faculty in strengthening GW Hospital for many years and helping it grow into a successful healthcare organization, which has now enabled the university to have the funding to reinvest in the future of its academics. and the clinical mission, in particular through the new chairs.

The university and MFA leadership recently created a new Modern Partnership Affiliation with UHS that also supports the creation of Centers of Excellence and the advancement of the medical enterprise as a high-performing academic medical center committed to research, education, patient care and the community. service.

Over the next few months, the university will begin to search, in collaboration with the relevant deans and other school management, for the professors who will be appointed to the chairs. The first professor appointed, in SMHS, will be announced this fall.


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