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Today, it is vitally important for women to be able to advocate for themselves and have the skills and approach to share their ideas within the company in order to succeed in careers in the service sector. financial. In Fitch Learning’s recent webinar titled “Women in Financial Services – Advocating for Yourself” on May 25, 72% of attendees agreed that learning about self-advocacy is essential to gaining opportunities to develop skills and broaden your experience in the sector.

A recent “What Women Want Workplace Survey 2022” conducted by Indeed and Luminary with more than 2,000 women asked them to rate their job satisfaction. This study included questions about self-representation and, interestingly, 73% believed that self-representing women were viewed more negatively than self-representing men in the workplace, and a majority (56%) thought women of color were perceived as disadvantageous. compared to white women. The majority of respondents (48%) said self-advocacy was supported by the highest levels of their organization, while only 23% said it was not. General anxiety and shyness were cited as the main reason why women are not able to defend themselves enough (59%), fear of retaliation by 43% and 31% were afraid of being called aggressive .

Main information and conclusions

Kelly Shannon, Executive Coach and Training Facilitator for Fitch Learning, outlined steps webinar attendees could take to stand up for themselves and showcase their abilities. She also explained how to have positive conversations with colleagues and leaders to help you achieve your career vision and business goals.

Surveys were conducted among participants which showed current attitudes towards self-advocacy:

  • 59% occasionally self-represent with someone they have a strong relationship with
  • 30% seldom represent themselves in the workplace
  • 71% agreed that learning to defend yourself can promote your well-being, set boundaries and prioritize important work

There are four key steps to effective self-advocacy:

  • Reflect on your inner dialogue
  • Know what you want
  • Communicate simply and confidently
  • Negotiate with empathy

The webinar replay and suggested readings are available via the links in the Resources section below.

Webinar moderator Sarah Butt, Senior Director of Partnerships at Fitch Learning, said:

“The topic of self-advocacy is clearly important to professional women at all stages of their professional careers. Our participants came from a wide range of backgrounds, the largest proportion (34%) were career professionals with over 16 years of experience, followed by 23% with 2-5 year backgrounds who were just starting their career. professionnal career. I’m glad we were able to inspire more experienced professionals to move into leadership roles, and also share some of our top tips to help emerging female talent better manage their future. »

Kelly Shannon, Executive Coach and Training Facilitator for Fitch Learning, commented:

“Self-advocacy is one of my favorite topics because I believe when we can stand up for ourselves, the more we can achieve the big visions we have for our careers and for ourselves. hand exactly what it takes to stand up for myself in investment banking and how to help other women overcome gender stereotypes in this highly competitive financial services industry The seniors above us often see self -representation as a milestone in our development and a way to get over that bridge to be considered a senior player potentially with an executive presence.So that’s why being a bit uncomfortable speaking for ourselves and then discovering what works best to uncover the roadblocks is definitely worth the longer-term effort for many female professionals to realize their career ambitions.

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