UST FINCuro launches arc@PEAS, a global platform ecosystem for financial institutions

– Innovative solutions will streamline digital transformation and make financial institutions more responsive

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — FINCuro Solutionsa UST company, and leading provider of digital transformation solutions specializing in financial services, today announced the launch of the [email protected] Platform. This advanced digital ecosystem designed to meet the emerging global needs of financial institutions will enable users to collaboratively create and deliver modern, cutting-edge experiences. [email protected] will put users in the driver’s seat with its broadly integrated ecosystem, including its digital experience and integration solutions developed by partners Modyo and thirdstream.

Although credit unions and community banks have long understood the need for digital transformation and have worked to make the necessary changes, their reliance on existing infrastructure and lack of operational scale have hampered the process. [email protected] helps credit unions, communities, cooperative banks, and financial institutions accelerate their digital transformation by leveraging Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology. With its ability to seamlessly unite digital experience, data, connectivity and heart, [email protected] provides a cutting-edge framework for digital transformation.

[email protected] offers users the ability to collaborate while creating and delivering superior experiences to delight their customers and members. These benefits combine to make [email protected] a compelling vehicle to digitize the cooperative value proposition and propel the relevance of community finance.

Manu Gopinathchief operating officer, USTcommented, “As an organization, UST is committed to positively impacting human lives and community banking through innovation as well as business and digital transformation using the power of technology. [email protected] is an important addition to UST’s portfolio of financial services offerings and provides financial institutions with the scale and reach they need.”

Chris BonmanDigital Platform Advisor, said: “The principles of customer and member welfare, community and sustainability form the foundation of cooperative finance, and these factors all indicate that this model is becoming more important in our increasingly decentralized world. . [email protected] encompasses the digital, data and community needs of financial institutions by facilitating an ecosystem rooted in cooperation, collaboration and co-creation. »

[email protected] leverages pre-built experience components, fully implementable in as little as 120 days. The solution is the latest example of how FINCuro and its ecosystem partners are accelerating transformation by enabling the community and supporting the quick and easy translation of innovative thinking into meaningful digital experiences. In addition to a community of financial institution users, [email protected] includes solutions for interactions with the communities served by financial institutions, allowing local businesses and organizations to participate in the creation of value and the economic development of their community.

About the UST

For over 22 years, UST has worked alongside the world’s best companies to drive real impact through transformation. Powered by technology, inspired by people and driven by our purpose, we partner with our customers from conception to operation. We identify their key challenges and craft disruptive solutions that bring their vision to life through our agile approach. With deep domain expertise and a future-proof philosophy, we embed innovation and agility into our clients’ organizations, delivering measurable value and lasting change across industries and across the globe. entire. Together, with over 30,000 employees in 30 countries, we’re building for unlimited impact, touching billions of lives in the process. Visit us at

About FINCuro Solutions, a UST Company

FINCuro Solutions, an American company, is a leading provider of digital transformation solutions focused on financial services. Specializing in harnessing the power of the ecosystem, FINCuro creates best-in-class platform solutions that drive modern digital experiences that support customers and members on the go, when, where and how it matters. Supporting over one hundred institutions and over one million account holders globally, FINCuro Solutions is experienced in delivering large-scale, innovative digital solutions that are both transformational and timely to market.

As a UST company, FINCuro Solutions proudly embraces the same values ​​that have shaped UST since the beginning. Since day one, FINCuro Solutions has built lasting relationships and a culture of integrity. And today, those same values ​​inspire us to encourage innovation in everyone to champion diversity and inclusion, and put people at the center of everything we do.

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