Toyota Financial Services Celebrates Toyota Leadership Academy Scholars

The Toyota Leadership Academy program is rooted in the Toyota Way principles of caring for others and respecting people and incorporates personalized educational best practices for students at every grade level, from elementary through high school. Feedback from teachers and administrators has been essential in adapting the Academy’s course offerings. More than 200 Lancaster educators received training in new teaching techniques.

“The Toyota Leadership Academy aligns with our district’s vision that every student is a success. Additionally, the program’s collaborative effort provides significant benefits to our scholars,” said Dr. Katrise Perera, ISD Superintendent of Lancaster. “The program helps ensure that our students have the skills to thrive in a global community, while equipping them with knowledge and resources they will use throughout their school careers and beyond.”

The Academy components are delivered through a unique hybrid approach of classroom and virtual learning. Toyota team members mentor students on campus and through online meetings.

“Mentoring is an essential part of the Leadership Academy,” said Darryn Hyman, director of the Toyota Leadership Academy. “It allows Toyota team members to share real-world experiences with students. And, since we’re able to leverage technology, students can benefit from mentors who aren’t even in the business. dallas Region.”

Lancaster ISD was an ideal partner to pilot the Toyota Leadership Academy, due to the size, location, economic needs of the region, and most importantly, its interest in exploring new solutions for the benefit of its student population. Lancaster educators, like so many across the country, are dedicated to providing exceptional learning experiences while managing limited resources.

“Not everyone recognizes that most educators are very good at finding innovative solutions to engage and inform students,” said Bell Patonia, Access and Accountability Manager, Lancaster Independent School District. “During COVID, we’ve had to embrace new technologies to support learning. And that’s on top of the already significant changes teachers make every year to ensure their teaching methods are up to date. Our profession is changing. constantly out of necessity. Teachers always go the extra mile to help their students succeed.”

This focus on innovation and maximizing efficiency are attributes Educators share with Toyota, renowned for its hyper-efficient production systems. When approached by TFS, Lancaster ISD executives expressed interest in joining the company to develop innovative educational solutions.

“When Toyota gets involved in a community project, we try to share our knowledge as well as our resources,” said Marc Templin, President and CEO of Toyota Financial Services. “We aim to partner with communities to understand their needs so we can work together – connecting our expertise and theirs to create the right solutions.”

“At TFS, we consider education a priority. We are focused on educating today’s students to develop tomorrow’s leaders,” added Ellen Farrell, TFS Group Vice President, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Program Sponsor. “We support students throughout their schooling, from primary to secondary and beyond. Our partnerships with the education community help us develop programs that empower students to learn, achieve, and succeed. »

The first school year of the Toyota Leadership Academy was a success. More than 60 first- and second-grade students received special reading tutoring from Toyota team members. These students saw their reading comprehension scores improve. Math enrichment programs with additional tutoring helped 175 third and sixth graders. And 1,500 high school students completed a program in their choice of business administration, engineering, cybersecurity, or programming and software development. TFS now works with Lancaster School district on program expansion, including introduction of financial literacy classes.

At the end of the school year, TFS was proud to support the Lancaster ISD STEM Expo Hack-a-thon. Lancaster High School teams competed to create an innovative STEM app that could improve their community. The winning team of three students developed an app that would help adults track missing children and pets. TFS was proud to award each student a $2,500 scholarship to be used for tuition fees at any accredited post-secondary institution of higher learning.

“There is an African proverb that it takes a village to raise children,” said Shelia Benskin, director of vocational and technical training for Lancaster ISD. “In the field of education, we cannot do it alone. What I see with Toyota is this opportunity to bring others to this great village with us to help our students pursue excellence in education and begin the journey to a future career in business and life. ‘industry.

The Toyota Leadership Academy is another example of Toyota’s commitment to education. The automaker recently announced its Driving Possibilities program, a new national program $110 million education and community-focused initiative to create innovative educational programs and improve access to opportunities where barriers exist. For more information on Toyota’s commitment to education, please visit the Toyota Newsroom.

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