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Dallas, TX (SMU), June 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Three hundred participants from across the country and two from Belize are advancing their banking leadership skills during the 65e session of the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking (SWGSB) at SMU. The SWGSB Foundation, headquartered at the Cox School of Business on the campus of Southern Methodist University, launched the in-person graduate school last week for this year’s summer program. The program focuses on the leadership development of participants over three years. In addition to first-year participants or “freshmen”, second- and third-year students, referred to as “juniors” and “seniors”, are taking classes at the Collins Executive Education Center at The Cox School through Thursday, June 9. . and those approached by management for executive education participate in leadership sessions led by industry consultants, senior banking executives, SMU Cox professors and other academics.

“Since 1957, when a group of Dallas banking executives and top administrators from Southern Methodist University founded SWGSB, our goal has been to teach bankers how to be leaders in their industry,” said Jeffrey R. Schmid, President and CEO of SWGSB Foundation. “For more than six decades, thousands of financial services professionals have participated in our elite banking management programs, and we are proud to say that SWGSB alumni hold the top ranks of financial institutions, banking regulators and bank-affiliated organizations across North America. and beyond.”

The current session ends Thursday, June 9 with the graduation of SWGSB Class 62, made up of 72 participants who started the program in 2019. This is the first year since the start of the pandemic that SWGSB students met entirely on-site for the full “SWGSB experience,” allowing the 300 attendees to network, bond with peers, and learn from each other.

“This year’s program also marks a 65-year partnership between SMU, the Cox School of Business and the SWGSB Foundation to provide graduate-level continuing education for those working in the financial services industry,” Schmid said. “Our students, the banking industry and the wider community benefit from this strong university-business school connection and the exceptional world-class executive education experience we have forged together.”

At its opening banquet and alumni dinner on June 2, the SWGSB honored two distinguished industry leaders and directors: J. Rogers Pope, Jr., Vice Chairman and CEO of Texas Bank and Trust, and Robert L. Clarke, founder of the global financial division of Bracewell LLP. service practice and former Comptroller of the United States Mint. The keynote was delivered by entrepreneur and philanthropist John Hope Bryant, founder and CEO of Operation HOPE in Atlanta, Georgia.

About the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking Foundation

Founded in 1957 at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, the Southwestern Graduate School of Banking ( has become one of the nation’s top banking education institutions. It is a professional school for bank executives, regulators, and others in leadership positions in the financial services industry. The focus is on bank performance, leadership development and strategic planning. The SWGSB Foundation also hosts the prestigious Assemblies for Bank Directors, a series of annual seminars and workshops held in the United States, Canada and internationally for board members and senior bank executives. . SWGSB and SWGSB Foundation are headquartered at SMU’s Cox School of Business. For more information about SWGSB ( or SWGSB Foundation programs, contact (214) 768-2991 or

About SMU Cox

In 2020, the Cox School of Business celebrated 100 years of business education at SMU. The Cox School is committed to influencing the way the world does business through prolific research that sparks innovation, change and thought leadership on a global scale. SMU Cox offers a full range of business education programs, including a BBA, full-time MBA, professional (part-time) MBA, executive MBA, online MBA, live MBA, and master’s programs in sciences, as well as executive training programs. Consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world, SMU Cox maintains an active global network of alumni. SMU Cox is accredited by the AACSB.

  • SWGSB Foundation President Hosts SWGSB 65th Session

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