Renew Financial’s California Residential PACE Program Surpasses $945 Million in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments

Renew Financial offers a customer-focused funding approach and is available in new communities of California.

OAKLAND, CA., November 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Renew the Financialnation’s most experienced and one of the leading residential property rated clean energy providers (R-RHYTHM) funding, today announced that its California program, CaliforniaFirst, has funded renewable energy, energy efficiency, water conservation, and seismic resilience projects totaling more than $945 million nowadays.

Renew Financial continues to grow its footprint and was approved this year to offer the CaliforniaFirst program in the City of the Alhambra and the Town of Maywood in Los Angeles Countyas good as Town of Roseville in Placer County — making it available to homeowners in 350 communities across the state.

When homeowners choose Renew Financial, they can expect to receive the company’s commitment to providing access to low-cost upfront financing for vital renovations along with industry-recognized consumer protections. Since its inception in 2008, Renew Financial has never failed to fulfill its mission with transparency and accountability at every step of the process.

“Renew Financial is fully committed to ensuring that every contractor and owner who works with our organization fully understands the financing program and what their obligations are,” Mark Floyd, CEO of Renew Financial, said. “Providing fair services, honest information and fair funding is at the heart of our organization.”

Renew Financial offers consumer protections for every owner, including, but not limited to: comprehensive, easy-to-read disclosures, a three-day right of cancellation (five days for those age 65 and over) , a review of ability to pay and access to a team of professionals who are dedicated to helping the homeowner with the financing of their home renovations. Renew Financial staff also conduct a recorded live phone call with at least one of the owners to answer any questions and go over key terms and conditions of financing, for example that the owner may have to pay for the appraisal during a sale or refinance. Additionally, contractors are vetted, approved, and monitored when participating in the CaliforniaFirst program.

Additionally, Renew Financial has consistently received high ratings for customer satisfaction – higher than its competitors year after year. In August 2022the organization achieved a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 77, compared to the financial services average of 34. This score gave Renew Financial the highest rating in its category for R-RHYTHM companies in the country.

“The process of obtaining RHYTHM was very easy and smooth. Renew Financial staff were exceptionally helpful! We had no choice but to replace our old air conditioning system, which was costing us a fortune in repairs and energy bills. The financing terms were fair and affordable, we received a much lower interest rate than if we had taken out a personal loan. Thanks to RHYTHM our payments were affordable to allow us to carry out our project,” Michelle and Mark J.., Chico, California.

R-RHYTHM is a powerful resource that enables state and local governments to achieve important sustainability goals through the program’s ability to help local governments advance key policy priorities, such as disaster preparedness, carbon emissions, increased energy savings and water conservation. Over the past decade, the residential sector RHYTHM the industry has grown, with an economic impact of more than $15 billion across the country and has generated thousands of jobs in local communities.

Renew Financial offers homeowners safe and affordable financing with consumer protections that go beyond what traditional home improvement financing alternatives typically offer. R-RHYTHM is a tool that gives homeowners another option when deciding how to pay for essential home improvements.

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About Renew Financial

Renew Financial Group LLC (Renew Financial) is one of the nation’s leading providers of financing for green building improvement projects with a bold vision to create financial access to a safe, healthy and sustainable world. Renew Financial administers the Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (R-RHYTHM) program in California and Florida strengthen communities by making homes and businesses safer, more energy efficient and more valuable. Renew Financial has funded over $1.3 billion in RHYTHM projects that have resulted in greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions of nearly 1.5 million metric tons, the equivalent of removing more than 320,000 cars from the road, have contributed to the creation of more 18,000 local jobs and savings of over 2 billion gallons of water. Renew Financial is a trademark of Renew Financial Holdings, Inc. For more information, visit and on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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