Purpose-driven financial services company GSB unveils new brand architecture and identity

Dubai, Geneva, London — Dubai-based wealth management advisory firm GSB today unveiled its new positioning, brand architecture and identity. This initiative amplifies the Company’s commitment to creating shared value through purpose-driven, impact-driven financial planning; and drives the investment advisory industry to co-create more conscious and sustainable practices, products and services.

Since launching as GSB Capital in 2021, GSB’s founding philosophy has fueled its rapid success. From the outset, the company has taken a principles-based Business Impact Modeling (BIM) approach that stems from a core belief that responsible investing plays a fundamental role in shaping the world for the better and should only make people’s lives better. From portfolio construction to company engagement, ethical decision-making and responsible investing are central to the company’s approach to creating value for stakeholders. GSB has created a broad portfolio of ethical investment product and service offerings through its commitment to new product development, values-based partnerships and social impact alliances.

The transformation of the GSB brand began with the completion of initial business and brand impact assessments, including a world-class sustainability framework. This has been used to help the Company measure, manage and improve its positive impact on the environment, communities, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders. The assessments identified the need to institutionalize the co-founder’s philosophy, which led GSB to carefully articulate its mission, purpose, vision and guiding principles and measurable values. These principles have been translated into a robust identity system and will help support future product and service innovations.

GSB also began rolling out an employer branding program to attract and retain top talent, enable ethical scaling and ensure measurable impact as the business grows.

Developing the brand is a natural next step in GSB’s growth story, ensuring that we build on the strong brand awareness and credibility we have been able to establish since launch,said Alison Whatnall, COO of GSB.Customers and prospects will identify and understand GSB’s offerings and why we are different. With teams able to explain our full portfolio of solutions and the benefits they bring to all our stakeholders, not just shareholders and investors“.

Over the past year, the company has worked with Firstwater Advisory, an external branding and sustainability firm. Firstwater conducted an initial assessment of brand clarity and impact, in-depth interviews, surveys and qualitative and quantitative research. Then, working across the organization, streamlined the brand portfolio to create a logical naming structure, comprehensive visual and word identity system, brand asset management, and training.

The new brand architecture uses functional and descriptive naming to eliminate complexity and provide clarity and consistency to the stakeholder experience. Thus, GSB services have been organized into three portfolios:

  • GSB as a corporate partner and employer of choice;
  • GSB Capital for financial planning and wealth management; and
  • Private GSB for HNW and UHNW people and their families.

In an industry otherwise driven by extrinsic motivators, utilizing purpose-driven brand strategy and brand architecture to translate our commitment to creating shared value has provided greater strategic clarity and direction. creative,said Ross Whatnall, chief executive of GSB.Building the brand was a bold undertaking for our team, especially early in the GSB lifecycle. But we wanted to make sure the structure would be scalable for future growth and truly represent the value we are creating. We are excited to unveil our solution portfolios and updated product names with our customers and prospects.


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