Monterey Financial Services exceeds $1 billion in trade receivables purchased since 2008

For decades, Monterey Financial has helped business partners thrive by providing receivables solutions and analytics, backed by compliance monitoring

At Monterey, we have always viewed our own success as essential to helping businesses thrive and grow over the long term. »

— Shaun Lucas, President and CEO of Monterey Financial Services

OCEANSIDE, California, USA, May 27, 2022 / — Over the past 30+ years, Monterey Financial has earned a reputation as a distinguished leader in consumer credit solutions through its methodologies for recovery, the low number of consumer complaints and its compliance with regulatory practices. Monterey understands what its customers need in a finance partner, and while their solutions are created to help grow sales through finance, Monterey also puts the consumer first, while placing a strong emphasis on compliance and regulations in an ever-changing environment. Monterey’s unique approach to the space has helped them thrive for more than three decades, buying over $1 billion in trade receivables since 2008 alone.

“At Monterey, we have always viewed our own success as essential to helping businesses thrive and grow over the long term,” said Shaun Lucas, president and CEO of Monterey Financial Services. “Our ability to do this starts with ensuring that every funding program we participate in is carefully scrutinized from a regulatory perspective. Our clients need to be confident that they are working with a partner who understands this complex landscape. This way, they can have confidence in their funding program, allowing them to focus their attention on their core business. Approaching the industry from this perspective has made us unique in the space, and is a key reason for our longevity and long-term success.

Monterey provides what to look for in a consumer finance partner:

High regard for compliance and regulation. Compliance is paramount to being an effective business in the finance industry. The compliance and regulatory landscape is constantly changing, and it remains a critical task in Monterey to stay current and ahead of potential changes. Monterey’s Compliance Committee meets regularly to review state and federal regulations, customer point-of-sale process, upcoming changes and trends, among other things, and utilizes multiple outside sources and counsel to provide additional guidance on upcoming regulatory changes. This means companies that work with Monterey can be confident in Monterey’s ability to maximize the performance of their financing program and mitigate any legal exposure or brand risk for them.

Exemplary customer service. Finance companies must pay attention to collection methodologies and adhere to compliance with regulatory practices and ensure that the finance company treats consumers with dignity and respect. Monterey Financial has spent decades building a reputation as a distinguished leader through its recovery methodologies with few consumer complaints, which explains its ability to maintain an extremely low complaint rate. Monterey Financial employees are proud to work for a company that has a long history of providing exemplary customer service.

Creative solutions. Customers rely on finance companies to ensure they get the most out of their consumer credit programs. Having a partner that is proactive and thinks outside the box will help corporate finance programs excel against their competitors. For example, at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Monterey launched various financial relief programs, including the deferral of overdue payments and the temporary reduction of consumer contract payments. Consumers who took advantage of the assistance programs were able to maintain an up-to-date account status, ensuring no negative credit impact due to unforeseen circumstances, while customers in Monterey experienced maximum recovery and default rate minimized in 2020.

The primary objective of Monterey Financial Services is the collection and performance of the receivables they manage. Yet they pride themselves on being compassionate professionals who can understand first-hand the financial difficulties facing the businesses they support, as many consumers do in these difficult economic times. Monterey is a trusted leader in loan servicing and bad debt collection, financing, and more. Contact Monterey for inquiries here or call 1-800-456-2225.


About Monterey Financial Services
Monterey’s Mission Statement: To empower every business to optimize sales growth and cash recovery. Monterey Financial Services has built a reputation for unparalleled customer service, developing tailored capital solutions for businesses selling consumer products and services. Solutions are designed to meet customer needs, whether they bundle Monterey services or use what meets their specific needs. With services such as consumer credit, lease-to-own financing, loan servicing, custodial services and bad debt collection, customers have the ability to take advantage of consumer receivables of all classifications. credit and all stages of the receivables life cycle. With industry-leading results, Monterey remains committed to combining the best technology with its talented staff to achieve a primary goal for its clients of optimizing portfolio performance. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

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