Mobilize Financial Services, finalist of the UK IT Industry Awards

The UK IT Industry Awards are designed to celebrate and promote the organisations, teams, projects, technologies and individuals who have given so much, and those who continue to help shape the future of IT, our industry and of the digital society.

This year’s winners were announced during a live awards ceremony on Wednesday 9 November in London.

One of the finalists was Mobilize Financial Services, vying for Business Analyst of the Year.

Ahead of the awards, we caught up with Bob Compton, CIO, North at Mobilize, to find out what sets his company apart from other tech companies.

Bob has been leading the IS department for five years. His background and career has always been in financial services, banking, fintech and all areas of IT, but with a particular focus on software development and projects.

His role allows him to collaborate and work with colleagues globally within tribes and global teams, finding ways to quickly scale new approaches to multiple countries!

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Bob Compton: Our company had a major rebrand in 2022 from RCI Financial Services. Mobilize Financial Services demonstrates our close relationship with the new Mobilize mobility brand – supporting Groupe Renault’s strategy to go beyond the automotive industry.

Mobilize Financial Services continues to be the financial arm for clients of Renault group brands, including Renault, Dacia and Alpine. Nissan customers benefit from the same quality of services and products, through the Nissan Financial Services brand.

Since the creation of Mobilize in January 2021, Mobilize and RCI have partnered to strengthen the development of new mobility solutions and offers adapted to customer needs. Mobilize Financial Services strives to provide green and affordable mobility that fully integrates the changing industry and environment.

Mobilize Financial Services is present in 36 countries and has nearly 4,000 employees, the group financed more than 1.4 million contracts (new and used vehicles) in 2021 and sold 4.7 million services.

How is your company different from its peers?

As part of our client-centric strategy, we aim to become the most innovative captive financial company. This has led to a change in attitude, so despite our position in financial services and banking, we are ultimately a technology-driven company.

In the UK, the IS department operates like a software development house within a bank. We work with modern technology stacks, a comprehensive SCRUM methodology and have implemented many transformations over the past years, starting with agile changes, the way we test, our resources, cloud hosting and also the automation, where we performed a rapid deployment of RPA in 12 weeks. in 2020.

This creates an exciting, fast-paced environment where we are truly on track to achieve the company’s mission.

OWhat business achievement in the past 12 months are you most proud of?

Among more than 40 projects and initiatives, we rolled out our new branding to all systems within 4 months of project start. As part of this, we launched a new self-service customer portal with a modern technology stack, great functionality, which will enable more innovative features for our customers over the next year.

One thing I can say is that I’m very proud of the IS team we’ve built and how seamlessly they collaborate with our colleagues on the wider business team. They are a talented group with a track record of success having delivered over 90% of planned projects and initiatives over the past three years.

What are you working on this year?

We continue to drive our go-to-market aspirations and will move more towards a DevOps model, complementing the gains made with agile.

We also strive to constantly extend our automation, whether through the test suite or RPA to drive business efficiencies; and we are still planning to launch another 10 projects in several areas of work this year.

Another area of ​​interest is the AI ​​Global Tribe, where we have four use cases of shared interest for multiple countries. We plan to scale these as proofs of concept, which will then allow us to plan for wider adoption in 2023.

Why are events like the UK IT Industry Awards important to the IT industry?

It’s so exciting to work in IT with all the emerging technologies and methods. IT is also clearly one of the most diverse industries. It is always important to reflect on all of our victories and successes. These awards provide an opportunity to celebrate not only the winners and runners-up, but also all the achievements that the companies entered in the awards have had over the past year.


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