Integrity Expands Annuity and Life Distribution by Partnering with Annuity Agents Alliance

Since 2006, Annuity Agents Alliance has supported a growing network of agents offering annuities and life insurance. The firm specializes in marketing, sales process, and case design to help agents build successful, sustainable businesses that meet the increasingly complex financial needs of American families. Today, Annuity Agents Alliance has over 250 agents and advisors producing over $550 million as an annual premium paid.

“With their strong growth trajectory and impressive track record, there is no doubt that Anthony and his team at Annuity Agents Alliance understand how to best provide annuities and life insurance products to Americans in need,” said Bryan W. Adams, co-founder and CEO of Integrity. “Integrity offers businesses like Annuity Agents Alliance an ideal fit for the next phase of growth. Anthony can focus on what he does best while feeling secure in the roadmap for the future of the business. and its employees.In addition, its agent partners have access to technology and resources that will enhance their business and ultimately help them serve more consumers.Working together, the Integrity and Annuity Agents Alliance will achieve greater success. could be more excited to bring Anthony’s experience and passion for service into the Integrity family.”

“As our business grows, I want to continue to focus on the core competencies that set us apart,” said Anthony Owen, President of the Alliance of Annuity Agents. “Integrity provides the systems that allow us to offload administrative tasks and focus more time on areas where we can best support our agent partners. The industry continues to become more complex – providing our agent partners with the beneficial technology of Integrity, product development and customer support will help them grow faster and stronger.We are also excited to integrate the additional financial services and insurance products offered by Integrity to help our agents build a complete business. An Integrity partnership is an incredible opportunity for the Annuity Agents Alliance to grow and serve our clients in new ways, and we look forward to an incredibly bright future.”

Annuity Agents Alliance can diversify its product offerings and capitalize on new opportunities by integrating Integrity’s platform of proprietary technologies and resources into its already successful processes. The Integrity Platform drives growth by providing agents with real-time quoting and listing systems, as well as innovative product development fueled by relevant data and analytics. Additionally, Annuity Agents Alliance can dedicate valuable time to their core competencies by accessing Integrity’s extensive suite of shared business services. It includes areas such as technology and innovation, people and culture, finance, legal and compliance, and marketing advice from a national advertising and marketing agency.

Anthony Owen will help Integrity fulfill its mission to transform the insurance and financial services industries by adding its deep life insurance and annuity expertise to Integrity’s rapidly growing network of partners. A forward-thinking collective of industry icons and legends, Integrity partner companies work together to innovate and optimize insurance and financial processes. By strategizing on best practices and solutions, this elite group of peers is helping millions of Americans plan for the good days ahead.

The benefits of the Integrity partnership are further enhanced by the Integrity Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which provides Annuity Agents Alliance employees with significant ownership of the company.

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About Integrity Marketing Group
Integrity, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leader in the distribution of personal insurance and a provider of innovative solutions for wealth management and retirement planning. Through its network of partners, Integrity helps millions of Americans protect their lives, health and wealth by committing to meet with them wherever they are – in person, by phone and online. Integrity’s advanced technology helps streamline the insurance and financial planning experience for all stakeholders. Additionally, Integrity develops products with carrier partners and markets them through its distribution network of agencies, brokerages and RIAs across the country. Integrity’s approximately 6,000 employees work with more than 450,000 agents and advisors who serve more than 10 million clients each year. In 2022, Integrity will help carriers place more $12 billion new sales and oversees over $20 billion in assets under management and advice through its RIA and broker platforms. For more information, visit

About the Annuity Agents Alliance
Annuity Agents Alliance, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is an innovative financial marketing organization that focuses on the core competencies of helping independent agents and advisors build life insurance and annuity businesses through marketing, the sales process and case design. Annuity Agents Alliance has developed several proprietary marketing systems, including Safe Money Radio, proprietary case illustration and design software, and repeatable, highly productive sales processes. Through the distribution of its marketing and sales systems, Annuity Agents Alliance serves thousands of Americans while supporting more than 250 agent and advisor partners who produce more than $550 million premium paid annually. For more information, visit

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