Anova Financial Networks activates wireless services on 10GBPS backbone between Mahwah Direct and NY4

Legacy networks were built directly on NY5, but increased customer demand led to expansion into a “dual endpoint” configuration

CHICAGO, July 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Anova Financial Networksan international carrier and market data provider, today announced that it now provides its proprietary wireless platform from Mahwah, New Jersey direct to NY4 located at 755 Secaucus, New Jersey. This corridor connects major financial services and trading ecosystems and is critically important for liquidity and price discovery of US stocks. This new network to NY4 complements its current direct wireless services to NY5 by secaucus. Anova’s additional route means NY4 customers can use optimized market data and private bandwidth services without the cross-campus connection from NY5 to NY4 as per the original design.

Financial companies will access the newly deployed path from mahwa to NY4 over Anova’s proprietary 10 Gbps wireless backbone that spans the New Jersey Equity Triangle. Anova’s patented self-healing technology will also be available, ensuring fully protected service for customers in all weather conditions.

“The wireless landscape is constantly changing. Yesterday’s deployments always require upgrading, tuning, and reinvestment,” said Mike Persico, Founder and CEO of Anova Financial Networks. “That’s what this addition from NY4 does; it takes a staple product and extends its reach to a ‘sister destination’, with all the features and benefits of the original. What we’re most pleased with is “is our ability to leverage the backbone while going directly to NY4. This route is consistent with Anova’s mantra of building geodetically optimized networks for maximum customer benefit.”

Nationally, Anova is transitioning from its legacy 1G platform to its network-wide proprietary 10 Gbps radios. Boasting the highest capacity and longest transmission range of any low latency radio, Anova has begun this technology update on all intermediate and end nodes. This includes its main routes linking mahwa and Carteretas well as Aurora and Cermak in Illinois.

Kieran AthyCTO of Anova Financial Networks, added “For more than twelve years, the Anova team has been focused on leveraging our experience and expertise to deploy next-generation technology today. The upgrade moving towards a 10Gbps backbone on our wireless networks is an example of the creative vision that drives Anova’s founding and future. Our passion and creativity to meet market challenges is driving our success.”

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Anova Financial Networks is the only global carrier to offer wireless services and fiber connectivity, as well as the distribution of market data on all asset classes. Anova’s innovative proprietary technologies and customer-centric approach enable the company to provide secure and reliable solutions to banks, trading firms and exchanges around the world. To learn more, visit and follow Anova on LinkedIn and Twitter @AnovaNetworks.

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