9PSB and SeerBit Partner to Expand Digitization of Financial Services to Consumers and Businesses

Nigeria’s pioneering and forward-thinking 9Payment Service Bank (9PSB) and SeerBit, a pan-African enterprise payment platform, have entered into a strategic partnership that will facilitate seamless access to financial services for individuals and businesses in Nigeria .

9PSB and SeerBit will co-create a seamless omnichannel banking and payment ecosystem that consolidates and simplifies transactions for banking agents, merchants, end consumers and businesses. This partnership creates a unique opportunity to deploy an in-house solution that defines a roadmap for the digitization of payments and enables the ecosystem to bridge the financial exclusion gap.

Speaking on the partnership, Branka Mracajac, CEO of 9PSB, remarked that 9PSB is committed to building a strong financial ecosystem based on collaboration. She says, “The core of our business is to provide simple, convenient and transparent financial transactions to the unbanked, underbanked and underserved. To achieve this, collaboration is at the heart of our strategy – with technology leaders and partners on this long journey with the ultimate goal of transforming Nigeria from a cash society to a cashless society.Thus, we expand our promise to deliver relevant financial products.Through this partnership, we will provide our agents, partners and customers a single entry point to take advantage of various products and services.

For his part, Omoniyi Kolade, Founder and CEO of SeerBit, said that in line with SeerBit’s vision of providing innovative technology solutions tailored to bridge payment gaps, the collaboration with 9PSB will ensure that African businesses reap all the benefits. of the digital payments boom in the region. ‚ÄúThis collaboration also solidifies SeerBit’s position as a leading player in the digital payment ecosystem in Africa. Our goal has always been to build a new wave of prosperity in Africa by creating more opportunities for African businesses to accept payments and we are happy to do this in partnership with 9PSB. We will empower millions of businesses to accept digital payments, charting the course for the new direction of digitalization in Africa. ” he said.

This synergy aligns with efforts to ensure interconnectivity and interoperability between financial sector players, which is essential to accelerate the momentum for financial inclusion. By providing secure and reliable electronic payment solutions, the partnership will contribute to the transformation of the informal sector into the formal sector, support economic growth momentum by empowering SMEs and deepen inclusion through innovative financial products and services for individuals. , businesses and the fintech ecosystem in Nigeria.

In recent times, Africa has seen exponential growth in digital financial services, driven by increasing mobile phone penetration. More than half of Africans still do not have formal bank accounts, but most have mobile phones through which they access basic financial services. In its latest annual State of the Industry Report, the GSMA reveals that the value of mobile money transactions surpassed the $1 trillion mark in 2021, with Africa accounting for nearly 70% of the total amount recorded transactions.

With this partnership, the two companies are poised to positively contribute to this trend by expanding the accessibility and last mile delivery of digital payment solutions on the continent while driving its impressive growth.

As part of a mission with Bank9ja, 9PSB has engaged in product innovations that facilitate access to financial services. The digital bank has created a bespoke solution, Bank9ja, a bank-independent mobile application and web platform, designed to serve both the totally excluded and the included but underserved in society, by enabling access and easy connection to all banks and others. FinTech is willing and ready to partner with 9PSB.

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As part of this mission, 9PSB recently completed a total upgrade of its USSD channel – *990# and relaunched and rebranded its mobile app – now called Bank9ja – with the sole purpose of giving users more options for banking with ease, faster onboarding, lower transfer fees and no additional fees on paying bills.

About 9PSB

Established in 2020, 9 Payment Service Bank (9PSB) is Nigeria’s first payment service bank operating under CBN approval to provide financial inclusion services and initiatives to the underbanked, unbanked, as well as innovative services for people with bank accounts.

9PSB operates as a fully digital bank and operates its own network of banking agents. 9PSB is for everyone and provides seamless access to online and offline digital banking experiences.

About SeerBit

Launched in 2020, Seerbit is a pan-African payment processor and financial technology infrastructure provider designed to enable fast, transparent, secure and inclusive online and offline payments across Africa for local businesses, financial institutions and global companies trying to expand on the continent. .

In Africa, customers are often limited by circumstances or location, such as unavailability of the internet or lack of access to financial services. SeerBit’s mission is to help businesses bypass those barriers that prevent them from serving their customers optimally. SeerBit offers a range of payment methods to suit any business.

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